Reign of Winter VA

We found the highborn woman, stuffed in the basement of the ranger camp. Rokar’s Raiders had taken it over. Not any more, ha ha! She didn’t seem too grateful. Uncle says sometimes that’s how they are. Miri is taking care of some sick people over in the next room. I don’t know if I’d bother, given they’re bandits, but maybe they’ll change once they are better. Their friends weren’t too good at being bandits, when we came along. The cook, Tenpenny, seems alright. She’s a half-orc. I’ve not met one of those before. I hear orcs can smell your thoughts. I wonder if she can too? Lyriel wants to bring her back and hire her as a cook. He told me not to stare. Don’t see why, I get stares ALL THE TIME. Stew’s not bad, and she can handle herself. Stabbed Rokar through the throat while I was swinging the axe at him. I’ve got his cloak and gloves now too. The cloak’s magic, so he says. I don’t feel the cold when I wear it. So, fine by me.

It’s hard to control my temper, like when I was back home. Maybe it’s being back in cold weather. It’s helping in the fights again, though; I feel stronger, and it feels GOOD. Lyriel and Miri seem to understand more what’s going on here. They seem to be easier around each other, now she’s not staying with us any more. Lyriel’s seen some maps, seems to think the cold is expanding. I don’t know how he can tell. Town is a nicer temperature now. I’d say just leave it like this, now we have the highborn, but he wants to go to the middle and stop it. Says it may be stuff from home. Old home, I mean. He’ll need my help and Tenpenny says there’s a big monster in there leading the fey… killing the dragon didn’t impress Miri or those back in town too much, maybe this will. And I still need to blood Yuln’s sword for him.

I got stuck a few times, by the bandits and walking dead. Doesn’t hurt as much as when Big Skalla opened my leg back home, but I still feel weary. I wonder if they’ve any ale around here.

I’m glad Miri came, with her magic. Would hurt a lot worse without it.



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