Miri Salasar


Miri was born in a band of Varisian travelers, and as such could not tell you where she’s “from” exactly. On those occasions when it is not worth the time to explain, she gives the name of the town nearest where her family and their fellows were murdered by a Mammoth Lord raiding party. It seems morbidly appropriate to her—that’s when her oracular abilities first manifested, saving her life.

She was eleven years old with a Kellid axe swinging at her head, her father and mother already dead before her, when she screamed “Don’t!” Her attacker did not actually speak Varisian, but he had heard that plea often enough to know what it meant, which was all the god-granted spell needed. Hroa did not understand why he could not bring his weapon down between the girl’s eyes, but he knew that when such things happened, it was best to take them to Eydis Half-Soul, the shaman. The old woman decreed that the child was god-touched and therefore inviolable. Miri was given to Alveid and Grosta, weavers, to raise alongside their other children, but Eydis maintained an interest and mentored the girl as she grew.

Miri adapted with time, as children do, learning the language and customs of her adoptive people. She did not forget the fate of her family, however, no matter how attached she became to certain people. She knew enough to keep her mouth shut about it though, since Jarmund Tusk-Swinger, leader of the tribe and suspicious of magic, was forever feuding with Eydis over the child’s presence among them, particularly after her patron was identified as Pharasma.

Six years later, Jarmund welcomed a new ally into the tribe (and his bed), a deferential woman who went by the name Annera. With Eydis too weak to rise from what would be her deathbed, no one but Miri was left to figure out that the newcomer was actually a necromancer, and no one would listen to her, loath to defy Jarmund or imply that he didn’t know who his friends were. Miri confronted the woman and the resulting battle ended with Miri’s morningstar caving in the spellcaster’s skull. Since trial by combat with Jarmund did not appeal to her, Miri chose to flee instead, into Varisia and beyond. She doesn’t speak about her history with many, although a few too many drinks can get the details trickling out.

Miri Salasar

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